Wednesday, July 04, 2012


Starting over. Beginning again. First post of hopefully many. Fresh. New. Clean slate.

I cannot really say why I felt the need to delete all my previous posts. But I just needed to. Most of them were from so long ago. Years ago. Written from places that I do not regret, but am far away from now. 

It's like cleaning out the closet and finding a shirt you used to LOVE. You wore it all the time. But now, it doesn't fit. It's stretched out. The cloth is worn thin. You try it on and it's just...blah. You look at it closely. You remember what it was about it that you loved so much and why you wore it all the time. But you know it's time to not have it anymore. It's time to get a new shirt. 

So I did. And here we are. 

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